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Importing a car from Germany?

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Your trading partner for private and commercial vehicles

International business of any sort is oftentimes plagued by surprises due to mostly not being present in person as a buyer. In the vehicle trading business, where a customer expects exactly what they thought they were paying for, surprises are not welcome. 

Fair and transparent transactions are what everyone in business should be striving for - we most certainly are.


People in Germany are known to generally take good care of their cars and take them to service regularly. This is why Germany is viewed as the Europe´s car export hotspot.  Millions of vehicles get purchased from abroad by business, and increasingly, private buyers.


We can offer you a variety of services that greatly reduce the risk of buying a car sight-unseen.
Let an indenpendent agency professionally check the car before buying, confirmed by a written report (TÜV, DEKRA...).

Europe-wide warranty options make it possible for you to lower or completely eliminate repair costs in your country, even if the car has been bought in Germany.

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Good quality, transparent passenger and commercial vehicles

The focus of our business are young passenger and commercial vehicles up to 7,5 Tonnes.
You can see part of our stock on following links:

For other specific models, please contact us directly - you can find our contact information below.

Gugo Motors GmbH - The Story behind

As a potential trading partner to us, you would certainly like to know, who you are dealing with, right? Here is our short story:

Sometimes, it is very clear that a certain thing will become a big part of our identity, even our destiny.
Our founder & CEO Filip Tonkic is definetely one of those cases.
Developing his interest for cars at a very young age, his passion led to first steps in repairing and caring for cars, ultimately ending in a professional career as a car trader both international and domestic in the German market. 
The direction of our business is directly reflecting that passion for automobiles, but also our continous drive to make our customers and partners remember their transactions with us in a very positive way, so that they naturally wish to do business with us again.



Email: [email protected]
Tel. +49 162 4055 843
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Please make an appointment before visiting us to avoid any schedule conflicts.


We are situated in the KA84 Business Park - a separate business area, accessible from Brucknerstrasse. Our location is basically directly on the Karlstrasse in Reutlingen.

Reutlingen is a mid-sized city in the province of Baden-Württemberg, 40 Kilometers from Stuttgart, Germany. Our province is world-famous for major car and car parts manufacturers, such as Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, AMG, Mahle and Bosch.

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